Poland Board of Selectpersons Honors the Friends of Ricker Library

We are honored to have been recognized at last week’s Board of Selectpersons meeting for our organization’s contributions to the library and community. The Board has named this week, October 21 through 27, Friends of Libraries week in Poland to coincide with National Friends of Libraries Week and “urges everyone to join the Friends of the Library and thank them for all they do to make our library and community so much better.” Click here to read the full proclamation.

We want to thank the Poland Board of Selectpersons for their support and recognition of the important part that the Friends play in the community. Their proclamation is a tremendous honor.

Membership in the Friends is based on a donation of time or money. If you have given to the Friends recently, we thank you for your contribution and will be sending you a membership card shortly. If you have donated your time to the library, we need to hear from you in order to recognize your membership. Simply contact us with your name and mailing address and a brief explanation of your contribution so that we can add you to our member roster and send you a membership card. If you have not yet given but desire to do so, you may donate online by visiting https://www.rickerfriends.org/donate/, visit the library to pick up a paper membership form, or contact us to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

Friends members will be present at the library Monday and Tuesday evening, Thursday afternoon, and all day Friday and Saturday to speak with patrons. We invite you to stop by and say hello!

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